Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Are you familiar with this book?

It's a great children's book that I have read to my kids at least a million times since they were babies.  My day has been a little bit like Ned's today...

Fortunately, Spell Girl had Strings Camp this morning at University of North Texas.  

Unfortunately, UNT is an hour away and we weren't exactly sure where the music department was.

Fortunately, we found where we needed to be by about 9:15 (only 15 minutes late.)

Unfortunately, university parking is scarce.

Fortunately, no one noticed my car parked illegally in the 20 minutes it took to escort Spell Girl and her bass to the music department.  

Unfortunately, going to Strings Camp by yourself is a totally scary thing and Spell Girl had a small, quiet meltdown right before I left and then texted me 20 times before I got home.  

Fortunately, by lunch time she had made enough friends that the number of texts she was sending had decreased...a the end of the day!!

Unfortunately, even though I had fewer children at home, they each had friends over and wanted to go places and DO STUFF! so I spent most of the day the pool, to the mall, to Cub Scouts, to Young Women's, and back to UNT to pick up Spell Girl.

Fortunately, the Scout Master is home this week and helped a little with my crazy day.

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to make diner and I was in a REALLY crappy mood after all that driving and running around for everyone else and walked into YW ready to take people's heads off.

Fortunately, we started Opening Exercises with this song...
(the video starts with this whole great story about a guy who started running and it's awesome, but the song is at the very if you listen to patient.)

Fortunately, there is nothing that turns my frown upside down more quickly than music...especially YW singing beautiful, inspirational music!

Fortunately, we get to sing a lot of it to prepare for Girls Camp next week!

Fortunately, there were lots of great things about today.

And fortunately, the day ended better than it started...which always seems to be the case.


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