Friday, June 15, 2012

Season Tickets

Guess what!!  We officially made the lottery for season tickets at the new football stadium at the high school!  Phew!  It's quite the lengthy, complicated process to acquire these highly coveted tickets.   The stadium isn't even finished yet.  We've been watching this major construction process for the past two years...from ground level to this amazing structure that you can see from miles away.  It is truly amazing.  

The new stadium will seat 18,000 and the sign up for 2012 season tickets started early.  In May, all prospective ticket holders were asked to sign up for a random lottery to be held a month later.  There were thousands of people who signed up!  Yesterday we received an email with the lottery list, and instructions for selecting seats.  1700 people are on that list.  Over a period of two weeks in July, each of the lottery winners will go to the stadium at their assigned time/date and select their seats.  No cell phones are allowed up the stairs while we choose our seats.  Only the person who signed the initial lottery list will be allowed seat selection.  If you miss your time slot, you have to wait until the end of the drawing to select tickets.  (See...lengthy, complicated...)

So, on July 19th when they call #637, we will walk into the stadium (without our cellphones...) and select the four seats closest to the 50 yard line as possible that we will get to sit in for every home game in the 2012 season.  I can't wait!!

The first home game in the new stadium will be on Friday, August 31 against the 2011 5A Division 1 State Champions, Southlake Carroll HS.  The game is being televised on ESPN because it'll be a great game, and because it's the first one in this giant monster stadium!  I can't wait!  (Did I say that already?)

I'm not sure when I became such a huge HS football fan, but I have definitely been converted.  It's so exciting and so much fun to get caught up in the rush of Friday night football in Texas, in the fall.  There really is nothing like it.  The sound of the band.  The crispy fall weather.  The cheering.  The rivalries.  I love it!!  And I can't wait for the 2012 season to start. 


  1. Who are you, and what did you do with my friend Nani?

    Just kidding... the whole thing really does sound pretty exciting!

  2. HAHA...I know...I'm eerily knowledgeable about football lately. It kinda freaks Craig out a little. :)