Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summer Food

Since we're officially in summer mode, I thought I should get started on a few of those awesome recipes I found on Pinterest.  Tonight, I made this...
   Tomato, Corn, Crab and Avocado Salad

You can find the recipe HERE. She has AWESOME recipes for every season, from salads and entrees to delicious looking desserts!

This salad was so easy to put together and so perfect and light for a hot summer evening.  (It's already 90 here!)  Instead of having it just as a salad, though, we decided to warm some corn tortillas and use the salad as filling for crab tacos!  YUM!  Served it with fresh fruit and grilled eggplant and it was a giant hit.  (Well, the eggplant wasn't a giant hit.  One of TCD's summer goals is to try 19 new foods, so she talked me into eggplant.  It's not a new food for me and I tried to tell her that eggplant tastes a lot like a spongy, squishy thing, but I got one anyway.  And everyone hated it.)  

After dinner, we grabbed a couple of neighborhood friends and went to the pool for a few hours.  Perfect end to a perfect day...

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