Monday, June 11, 2012

Good Genes

I recently went to have my blood drawn at a lab in a nearby hospital.  The cute lady at the front desk who checked me in also happened to be the phlebotomist (impressive word, huh? just means the person who draws the blood, but I had a friend once who went to school to become one and I sort of fell in love with her title.  I know, I'm a dork.)  She was an older lady, and it took her a little while to get all of my information entered.  This gave us a little time to chat.  She talked about how she wasn't very good at technology and we both marveled at how little kids these days seem to just be pre-programmed to use computers, phones and iThings.  That led to a conversation about her grandchildren, and how long she had been in this particular profession.  She was a very interesting and very engaging woman and I thoroughly enjoyed finding out about her life.  After awhile, she started to ask me a few questions...was I married, what did I do for work, etc.  I told her that I had four children at home and that they were my primary job.   She seriously stopped what she was doing, pulled down her glasses to look at me, and said "There is NO WAY you have four babies!"  And I said, "Well, they're not really babies anymore.  My oldest is 15 and my youngest is 8."  And then she said, "Girl, you must have come from good genes, because I never would have suspected you were old enough to have that many kids and for one of them to be 15!"  

I absolutely did come from good genes...
look at how beautiful these women are???

I was really overwhelmed and grateful to have met that cute lady.  On a day when I didn't get up thinking about how great my genes were, and when I was more worried about my less than perfect skin, or the two little grey hairs that somehow the Johnny Rodriguez Salon must have missed, or the pedicure that my feet desperately need...she was just what I needed to gain back some perspective.  I totally need to step a little farther back from the mirror and just go have a great day!  
Today, I'm so grateful for good genes and even more grateful for a sweet lady who reminded me that that's where I come from!

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