Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Johnny Rodriguez Salon

I spent a totally indulgent four hours in the salon this morning.  

A few weeks ago, I decided that my hair was becoming a source of stress in my life.  There were too many greys and I wasn't loving the natural, super dark, almost black color that I had let grow out for over a year.  I wanted to give it a little lift and do something different before summer, but I didn't know where to go.  I had a great salon in Logan and the girl who did my hair had my favorite colors on file so I always knew exactly what to expect.  I've been unsuccessfully polling the audience to find a good colorist, and finally just decided to go back to the place that I KNOW is the absolute best...Johnny Rodriguez

I first went to Johnny Rodriguez last February when my friend, Karla, said that they were the absolute best!  They were.  I loved the experience.  I loved my haircut.  And I discovered the "Blow Out Bar" where they dry your hair and transform you from tired and boring to movie star beautiful.

Today's appointment was longer and more intense than my last one because there was highlighting and rinsing and tinting and drying and blowing out involved.  But I still loved it.  They have the most comfortable chairs.  And the nicest staff.  And the most attentive stylists I've ever met!  Laura did my color today and talked to me FOREVER about what I wanted and how I wanted to look when I walked out.  She was awesome.  And once again, I walked out of that place with hair that looked even better than I had pictured it in my head.    



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