Thursday, April 12, 2012

Getting Up

It's 8:54am and I'm already so DONE with this day.  One sick kid (who I think is totally faking.)  Two trips to the same school because someone realized as we were driving into the parking lot that she'd forgotten her binder.  And a scathing email from someone who completely misunderstood something I said.  I'd like to just lock the door, put on some sweats and go back to bed...and it's possible I'll do soon as I finish this post.

The whole reason I write this blog is to pull myself out of days like this, to remind myself on a daily basis that there is so much more to be grateful for than frustrated about, and to leave at least a couple of "beautiful footprints" behind me.  

I had a hard time thinking of something today.  But in my effort to crawl into a hole in my couch and drown myself in the Food Network, I happened to see a commercial that made me smile.

And anything that dragged a smile out of me today is worth sharing.   
So, we should all get up! get off the couch! and wear something colorful today!!

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