Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pinewood Derby

Mack had his first Pinewood Derby tonight as a Cub Scout.  I missed all the designing and assembly of his car while I was in Hawaii, but I heard great things about the experience from the Scout Master.
Big Scouts helping with set up and track monitoring
Little Scouts anxiously awaiting the races
Mack's car consistently came in second place in almost all of the heats.

McKay's cool car...#13 (running a backwards race just for fun)
Pinewood Derby engineers
the after party
look at how super cute these treats are!!  Zingers and HoHo's decorated to look like little race cars.  The boys LOVED them!

 (TCD has been permanently attached to my side since I got off the plane...which I kinda don't mind.  I totally missed that girl!)

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  1. Way to do Mack!! Looks like the night was lots of fun :)