Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cheese Balls

Things have been a little heavy and oppressive around here for the last couple of days, so I thought I'd lighten things up for a minute.  

Do you know what April 17th is??  Nope, it's not Easter.  Nope, it's not the officially observed Tax Day for 2012.  Nope, it's not just any old Tuesday.  


Yep!  I'm totally serious.  I got an email today with suggestions on how I could celebrate this great day.  And I was so excited to get this news because I happen to LOVE cheese balls.

So, I hope everyone had an exceptionally happy National Cheeseball Day!!  (Sorry this post is coming so late in the day.  Don't worry if you missed it, though...there's always next April 17th!)

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