Friday, April 6, 2012


For my birthday, I got lots of flowers from people I love (and who apparently love me.) 


They were so beautiful and I loved having them in my house, but the problem with fresh flowers is that they cost money and they only last for a little while.  (And I tend to kill things that are alive, so even the potted flowers didn't last much longer than a month.)

But guess what the Scout master brought in from the yard yesterday!!  
These beautiful things LIVE in my yard!!  And I didn't even know it.  We have white ones and pink ones out there.  And the best thing about them is that they keep regenerating outside!  So, the Scout Master cuts them and brings them inside.  I put them in a pretty vase.  And when they die, we do it all over again!  Perfect, huh?  It's like an unlimited source of beautiful flowers...well, until rose season ends...whenever that is.  But for now, I'm so grateful for the people who planted those gorgeous flowers, for the landscape guys who mulched and trimmed them, and for the Scout Master for thinking to cut them and bring them inside!  (I really should get to know my yard better...)

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