Monday, April 16, 2012

Mormon Messages

Did you know that there's a whole Mormon Channel on youtube now?  It's filled with these super cool, church produced, short little Mormon Messages.  I LOVE them!  I've seen them used in church lessons.  The Scout Master saw one in a Stake Priesthood meeting when he was in Utah last month.  TCD has downloaded several onto her new iPHONE!  (yep...we gave in and let her get one...mostly because she paid for it herself)  

And tonight, the Scout Master used this one in his Family Home Evening lesson.  

That led to a discussion about being missionaries and sharing the gospel and then TCD remembered this one that she saw in Seminary...
Amazing!  This one made me cry!! 

It is an awesome and wonderful time that we live in with technology so readily available.  There is so much greatness in the world and with these videos so many more people can be inspired and uplifted by it.  I'm so grateful to have found these little Mormon Messages and I look forward to inviting lots more of them into my home!    

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