Wednesday, April 4, 2012

YM/YW Iron Chef

Our combined YM/YW activity this week was a cooking challenge (kind of like Iron Chef on the Food Network.)
The kids were split into four groups of 10.  Each group had 30 minutes to make an entree out of chicken and veggies, and a dessert out of pound cake and whipped cream.  They had a small "pantry" of extra food items and spices they could use, as well as a bag containing a mystery item.  The dishes were judged on taste and smell, creativity, presentation, and teamwork (and I might have walked around and told all the groups that they were also being judged on how clean their stations were.)


 deliberating judges

 Team 2

Team 3

Team 4

I can't remember which team won, and I'm sorry I don't have a picture of Team 1's food.  But I DO know that Team 3 scored the most points for CREATIVITY and PRESENTATION (but zero points for TASTE and SMELL)
 yep, their mystery ingredient was GREEN OLIVES and they chose to use them in their DESSERT, along with every sprinkle and candy in the pantry (we nicknamed this the CANDYLAND CAKE) 
and they made their chicken kabobs look like an ANT!

The activity was a HUGE success and the kids all loved it.  We worried a little that some of them kids might not be as "into" this activity as others, but they were all totally focused on their food prep and engaged in their groups.  It was so much fun to be involved in yet another awesome activity.  I love these kids!    

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  1. what a fun activity!! You just never know what those kids will come up with ;)