Monday, April 23, 2012

Raspberry M&M's

Did you know that these existed??  I didn't!  So they must be new.  And if they're not, then someone should have told me because they are so delicious!!  

I took TCD out of school early today for an eye doctor appointment and on the way we made a quick stop at Target and happened to see these!  Everything about these called to us!  The size of the bag...not too big, not too small!  The color of the bag!  And the word RASPBERRY written across the top!  In fact, this bag of M&M's called to us so loudly that we couldn't resist and we bought it!  (And some of us who just got iPhones like to take pictures of EVERYTHING and then immediately download them onto FB, so we took a picture of the bag, too.) 

Guess what!  They're ALL pink and red.  And they taste like those Pepperidge Farms Raspberry Milano cookies that I can't live without.  Super yum in a bag that is big enough to provide HOURS of deliciousness.  They are my new favorite thing and I foresee many more of those little M&M's in my future! 

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