Thursday, April 19, 2012


There's this really intriguing new show on FOX called Touch.  Kiefer Sutherland is in it, which was the initial draw for me, but the more episodes I watch, the more it's securing its place among my favorites.  This is definitely NOT a Jack Bauer kind of show, though.  In fact, his character doesn't really say or do a whole lot.  He just sort of gets dragged around following the whims of his son who hasn't spoken since his mother was killed in 9/11.  But where those whims take him is really kind of a cool thing.   I like stuff about how people are all intertwined...that nothing is an accident...that all these people who cross our paths in a lifetime serve some purpose.   And then there's all that number sequencing, not-so-random pattern stuff in there, too.  Pretty fascinating show.

This was the narration at the beginning of last week's episode, which I just watched the other night thanks to the miracle of the DVR...

490,000 babies will be born today, each of them unique.  And each one of them a link in the greater human chain.  And the moment their umbilical cord is severed, they’ll become their own hopes, dreams and desires.  Every dream you attain, every desire you fulfill has an impact far greater than you can imagine.  At least that’s how it looks from where I’m sitting.  The threads that connect us are not bound by space and time.  What seems to the individual like a twist of fate, from another perspective is simply one of those threads pulled tight.  What should have been all along.  And even when those threads seem irreparably frayed, they never break. Not completely.  But sometimes the most important connection is here and now.

Makes you want to watch it, huh? 

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