Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter 2012

I'm a teeny bit late getting this posted, but the pictures were too cute not to share.  One of the awesome bloggers I follow had some amazing ideas for Easter morning.  At the time, I thought there was no way I could pull any of them off this year, but I tucked them away for next Easter.  Even with the help of a large Bunny, it just wasn't possible.  But guess what!  It turns out that when you go to Hawaii for 10 days, you come back with some serious jet lag.  It's been over a week, and I'm just barely getting back into my normal sleeping patterns.  Last Saturday night, after taking a two hour DEEP SLEEP that afternoon, I found myself wide awake, alone in the house (well, they were all here...but they were sleeping) with nothing to do but talk the Easter Bunny into some craziness.  

Here's what the Bunny and I did...we tied a different color yarn to each of the kids' Easter baskets and hid them in some very sneaky places.  TCD's was in the pantry in the kitchen.  Mack's was in the garage.  (You get the idea...not the usual places...)  Then we dragged the yarn all over the house until we finally reached that particular kid's bedroom and tied the other end of the yarn to their doorknob with a little note that said, "HAPPY EASTER!  Follow the string to your treats!"  The Easter Bunny apparently keeps the same sleeping habits as I do, so we stayed up until 2:00am winding strings around the whole house.  (We made sure to leave some lights on in case anyone got up in the middle of the night. The last thing I needed was a trip to the ER because someone tripped over my Easter string!)  Here's what it looked like in the morning...
(...picture Catherine Zeta Jones in that laser scene from Entrapment)

It was SO much fun to watch them follow their strings around the house looking for their baskets.  I wish the Easter Bunny could have stuck around for that part.  It took them a really long time and we had to RUSH to get to church on time.  (Which is why no one would let me take pictures of them...)  Next year, when we have 11:00 church, it'll be much easier. 

It's funny how some of my kids were very tidy with their strings and others...not so much.

What a super fun idea...especially with older kids!  (You totally have to keep them guessing.) Can't wait to perfect it next year.  I'm grateful for that five hour time difference that kept me up all week and added a few extra hours to my Easter Eve...and for that adventurous Bunny!

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