Tuesday, September 27, 2011


You know that scripture about running faster than you have strength?  

Mosiah 4:27 "And see that all these things are done in wisdom and order; for it is not requisite that a man should run faster than he has strength. And again, it is expedient that he should be diligent, that thereby he might win the prize; therefore, all things must be done in order."
Well, I thought I'd test it this week.  
See that first column that's covered in BLUE?  That's usually for MOM and DAD, but this week, I don't have room for any of the Scout Master's stuff on there and I've been too busy to even ask him what he's doing this week.  It's all just MY STUFF!  And see all those other BLUE things sprinkled in the KID's columns?  I have to DRIVE to all of those, so it's not like those aren't part of my week, too.  It's insanely busy.  I'm already completely exhausted and grumpy and it's only TUESDAY!

And guess what???  Look at October...
 It hasn't even gotten here, and it's already full.  I think I have a free day on the 18th...ugh!

I'm so tired, I can hardly keep my eyes open and I still have two more places to go tonight.

But I read this recently and it reminded me of the whole reason I write this blog... 

"Never let a day pass without looking for the good.  Make it your life commitment and you will stand in utter awe of what happens in your life."

I don't really know if anyone else reads this or cares about the stuff I say, but it's the way I make myself find something great about the day.  Because there's always something great to find...some days when the calendar is covered in BLUE, you have to look harder, but it's there.

Today it's this...

Text from TCD as I was sitting in the carpool line waiting to pick up Spell Girl from middle school... 
Hey, Mommy, did you know that cigarettes are a lot like hamsters?  They're perfectly safe until you put one in your mouth and light it on fire!
That dumb joke made me laugh all the way to the high school and again just now when I wrote it.  Sometimes when you're about to fall asleep waiting in line at the grocery store, or when you're so sick of cleaning the kitchen and restocking the pantry, or when no amount of begging, pleading and terrorizing is getting your children's rooms cleaned, a good hamster joke is exactly what you need. Enjoy!


  1. Ok! Totally made me giggle. Thank TCD for that one. :-)


    You're free day in Oct is my anniversary!!! Hope things settle down for you.

    Love you loads!!!

  2. I know, I thought about that when I wrote that. It's also the anniversary of our first date...25 YEARS AGO! Good grief!!
    Happy Early Anniversary! <3

  3. Now that was funny!! Love you guys!

  4. I'm gonna have bad dreams about the hamster!!!

  5. Holy Crap! Mine and Mike's first date was Oct. 18th....SPOOKY!!!!

    Tell TCD....Great joke...I am still giggling!