Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The First Tee

We've entered completely uncharted territory this week...GOLF LESSONS!  I've taken kids to dance lessons, piano lessons, orchestra warm ups, rehearsals for plays, and basketball practice over the years.  But watching my 8 year old throw a set of kid-sized golf clubs into the trunk of my car, and driving him to the golf course (without his dad who is still somewhere in FL on a never ending business trip) was a new experience for me. 

Mack is an awesome little golfer and he LOVES it, so when we found The First Tee of Dallas we thought we'd capitalize on his enthusiasm.  The best kids at the advanced levels in this program have been invited to play Pebble Beach!  
His dad and I would be perfectly happy to follow Mack all over the world to watch him play golf.  But we'd be even happier if he found something he was really good at, and that he really loved to do.  
This golf program is run by the PGA and is specifically designed to teach kids the basics of golf as well as core values and life skills.  
Our Mission
To impact the lives of young people by providing educational programs that build character, instill life-enhancing values and promote healthy choices through the game of golf.

I LOVE that.  They're not trying to cultivate the next Tiger Woods.  They're trying to cultivate great kids who will become responsible adults, and if one of them happens to go pro then that's just a bonus.  There are 9 core values that they cover within a session...Confidence, Responsibility, Perseverance, Judgment, Courtesy, Honesty, Inegrity, Sportsmanship, and Respect.  

They worked on RESPECT this week.  Respect the course.  Respect the players.  Respect the rules.  They taught the kids how to properly hold their clubs when not in use so that they don't become weapons.  They taught them to be quiet and respectful when others are playing.  They taught them to put the grass back when necessary.  

Mack is already very meticulous about his golf routine, just like his dad and his grandpa.  He only wears collared shirts and khakis on the golf course.  He has to wear a hat.  He carries his own clubs (which is good because they were way too heavy for me!)  He always uses his golf glove.  And he reminded me several times that I could not walk on the green with "those pointy shoes."  (They were hardly pointy, but I respected the course and went around.)

I hovered a little since it was the first lesson (all the other parents were hovering, too) and I heard Coach Mike tell him several times that he had an awesome swing!  He looked so comfortable out there...like he'd been doing this for years.  And I did notice that he connected with the ball quite a lot.  

Unlike our basketball experience last winter, when Mack was mostly interested in the post game treats, tonight he was very chatty about golf all the way home.  
When we stopped to get a Sonic slushie, he said, "Thanks, Mommy."  
I said, "You're welcome!  Is it a good slushie?"  
And he said, "Not for the slushie!  For taking me to golf lessons.  They're AWESOME!"

Nothing beats a great day on the golf course!

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