Friday, September 23, 2011

Maroon 5

Do you know what I love about concerts?  The driving beat.  It's so loud that you can feel it INSIDE your skin.  You can't tell if it's the drums or your heart beating.  I LOVE that feeling when the music compels you to MOVE.  What an amazing rush! 

It's been FOREVER since I've been to a real concert. 

I average about one every decade...
 Journey (80s)

Jimmy Buffett (90s)
 Donny Osmond (2002)
Maroon 5 (2011)

They toured with...
 Matt Nathanson
Guess what I'll be learning on the ukulele next?? :)

All three bands were amazing!  The Scout Master prefers Train.  But I'm a HUGE Maroon 5 fan, so I thought they were the best.  From the time they started until the left the stage, they didn't even take a breath.  It was like one continuous song.  
  Never Gonna Leave This Bed (favorite song of the night!)

Makes Me Wonder 
(no, maybe this one was the best???)
Harder to Breathe
oh forget it, I can't decide...I loved all of them!
I should just make a Maroon 5/Train/Matt Nathanson playlist.

AHS Football Update:  We were seriously conflicted about whether to go to the concert that we've had tickets to since May, or to skip it and go to the AHS @ Plano game.  Maroon 5 obviously won out.  But we sent TCD to represent us at the game.  And they won 44-7.  Two (almost three) of those TDs were made by #19.  Oh, and Allen is currently ranked #1 in the nation, just in case you were wondering. 

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  1. So glad you had an amazing time at the concert. I am jealous!