Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Sing Off

This is my favorite show...EVER!  This week, I watched it live on Monday, then again on the DVR.  And then again tonight, when the kids wanted to watch it, I happily sat through a third showing of the season 3 opener.   It's riveting, really.  When these groups perform, I don't even blink or breathe just in case I miss something.  Even after watching the show three times, I still can't get over how amazing they are.

I'm moved by music long as it's good.  It breathes life into me.  It doesn't have to be a big group on a stage with lights and choreography.   I've been moved by Primary songs at church as easily as I have by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  I've been moved by a single voice as much as a huge stage performance.  I've been moved by just a song on the radio or just a guy with a guitar. 

This show is different, though.  Every single group is amazing. The music is all acapella, but it sounds like they're being accompanied by full bands sometimes.  Their harmony is incredibly complex.  And ALL of them can sing.  This isn't like American Idol where you have to endure the very worst before you get to hear the top 10.   It's like the very best use of TV time possible!

These were my favorites tonight...but really, all of them were phenomenal!
 Opening - Perfect

they were so squeaky, you really couldn't help but love them  :)

Can't wait for next week's Season Opener Part 2!

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