Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Night Football

We drove two and a half hours to the AHS game at Lobo Stadium in Longview tonight. 


First TD of the night...Andrew Rodriguez!
Yep...he caught that one, too! 14-0
Halftime!  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE this band!
Longview Lobos band...significantly smaller, but also amazing
 Much needed first down!  Andrew RodriguezI'm pretty sure there are other players on the field, but I always forget to take pictures of them.  The defense was AWESOME tonight...they held back a really really good team.
 Final Score!  GO Eagles!
I LOVE that they always shake hands after the game.
The stadium was packed and we weren't in a hurry to sit in traffic, so we hung out after the game and watched someone interview Andrew.  That's his cute mom coming out to check on him.  
It was totally worth five hours in the car and a really, really LATE night.  The kids loved it.  The game was awesome.  And we were once again in awe of both the football players and the band!  

No game next week.  Away game on 9/23 and we have other (equally exciting) plans that night.  So no football until 9/30 which is HOMECOMING.   (darn)


  1. I totally remember seeing you guys at this game! It was after the game and we didn't even know y'all were there!!! I just remember how much I LOVED running into all you cute people! This was the game that was near 9/11 and long after the game was over the stadium was playing patriotic music and the whole band was singing "I'm proud to be an American".... *tears**!!! Someone got the moment and put it on you tube. I still watch it every now and then. Aww, good times!

    1. Awww...I had no idea they even did that. I'm going to youtube right now to find it!