Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Chalkboard Paint

TCD and I finally got around to starting on the room project we've been planning since we moved in a few months ago.  It always helps to have visitors coming into town to get you motivated to do things on your list.




It's possible this was the easiest painting project I've ever attempted.  The top half of the room is yellow and the former home owners painted everything including the ceiling, so I wasn't very anxious to take that on.  I managed to convince TCD to just repaint everything UNDER the chair rail.  We didn't have to take any shelves or pictures off the walls.  TCD did all the taping.  I took it all off.  I painted all the edges and corners.  She painted all the big stuff.  And we finished the whole thing in a few hours.  

A few other things we did...
 TCD painted all of the white shelves black 

Pink IKEA chandelier ($20)

 I spray painted the curtain rod black.

We hung a few more pictures and spray painted that light fixture black.  I found the desk on Craigslist for FREE!  It's enormous and fits everything. She now has all the space she needs to sew, write, do homework, read scriptures, and apparently store all of her worldly possessions.  :)

Here's what TCD and her friends did after I made them wait patiently for THREE DAYS for the paint to completely dry...
 that's TCD's artwork in the middle and the Scout Master's artwork on the right
 Friday night Pre-Game party
 this is an octopus that wraps around the corner
I LOVED doing this project and I LOVE this stuff!  It goes on super easy.  Even the brush that I used didn't leave any streaks.  It only took two coats and less than 2 quarts to do the whole bottom half of the room.  And when you get tired of what you've drawn, it erases completely with a damp sponge! (A regular eraser works, too, but it leaves that chalky/dusty look on the walls, and TCD liked the clean black look better.)

It's possible that chalkboard paint may show up in other parts of my house very soon...
just kidding...this one is a little extreme, I think

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