Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Starting the Day

There are times during the day when I'm extremely productive and times when I'm definitely not.  The morning is my most productive time - always.  Some days I get more done before 9am than I do the entire rest of the day.  

So far this morning, I've read scriptures, made breakfast for 4 kids and lunches for 3, cleaned up all the dishes, showered (I didn't do my hair because it's rainy again this morning so there's kind of no point...curly and frizzy are inevitable), vacuumed the whole downstairs, swept the kitchen, started a load of laundry, taken TCD to school, and dropped mail off at the post office. 
 ...sounds like the song from Tangled, huh?  

It's now 8:41 and if I hadn't planned a ridiculously complicated Activity Days project for this afternoon, I would be curling up with a book or my journal or my DVR for at least a couple of hours.  

Instead, I have bowls of sugar, food coloring and plastic egg molds cluttering my counter, waiting to be prepped for this afternoon...
 If you're thinking that I'm insane to attempt a project like this with 12 ten-year old GIRLS, don't think I haven't considered that myself...several times!

And instead of being over there with all that egg stuff, I'm procrastinating once again and doing this...
having cookies for breakfast 

and blasting the MP3 in the living room...because it was on Ts in the car and the best songs start with T, and every other MCC song starts with "THE" it came inside with me this morning and is now happily plugged into the surround sound speakers trying to motivate me to make SUGAR EGGS...ugh!  I'd much rather lay on the floor and sing...

Talk To Me (The Outfield)
The Age of Miracles (MCC)
The Altar and the Door (Casting Crowns)
The Bug (MCC)
The Calling (MCC)
The Distance (Evan and Jaron)
The Dreaming Road (MCC)
The Feeling I Had (Amy Grant)
The Game of Love (Michelle Branch
The Girl is Mine (MJ/Paul McCartney)
The Load Out (Jackson Browne)
The Long Way Around (DC)
The Long Way Home (MCC
The Shelter of Storms (MCC
The Song Remembers When (Trisha Yearwood)
The Things We Do For Love (10CC)

...and my favorite of the morning...
The Hard Way (MCC)

...and now that it's 9:16 and I have no more excuses...I guess that just leaves SUGAR EGGS...

UPDATE (9:42pm):  I made it through "sugar egg day!"  The girls AND their parents all LOVED the eggs.  They had a great time.  And they managed to keep the icing mostly on the eggs and not on the floor!  Hooray!!

Oh, and UPDATE #2 (10:00pm)Starting the day with cookies is NOT such a great idea.   Cookies for breakfast leads to cookies for lunch and more cookies for dinner!  EEK!! 


  1. Quote: "made breakfast for 4 kids and lunches for 3..."

    OK, so, wait... does one child not get to eat lunch? How do you decide which one? Is it whomever refused to practice piano long enough?

  2. LOL very funny...TCD likes to buy lunch. The others would rather have a home lunch. :)

  3. Isn't TCD doing the mostly-vegen thing with you? How does she manage that at school? Inquiring minds want to know!

  4. She's ALL vegetarian...not so much vegan. She still does cheese and sour cream and alfredo sauce. Apparently they have a really good pasta bar and salad bar at school. Combine that with an occasional slice of cheese pizza and she's totally and completely happy.