Thursday, April 28, 2011


Do you know what I love about ducks??  I love that they can fully immerse themselves in water and not get wet! 
Photo by Karole Sorensen
 They are unruffled no matter beautiful and graceful after the immersion as they were would never be able to tell by looking at them that they had even gone under the water.   They are consistent and reliable. 

I would like to be more like that...beautiful and graceful even in the wettest pond; consistent and reliable even in the middle of a major storm.  I'm not, though.  I try really, really hard, but I'm just not.   I can be those things for a little while...when the water is completely calm and no other ducks are on the pond.  But throw in another duck or a little drizzle, and the fairy dust wears off, and I turn back into this...

I have been chasing after consistent and reliable my entire life.  I am naturally drawn to people like that, I think.  The people who have had the most influence on me and made the longest lasting impact are the consistent and reliable ones.  My husband is consistent and reliable.  I can count on one hand the number of times his feathers have been ruffled...and I'm sure you can guess which of us was the cause of that. 

This week the craziest things have ruffled me.  My very wise, very calm, very duck-like husband suggested that I needed to learn to "let things roll off me" and not be so affected by the things people say or don't say.  So I'm aspiring to be a duck today...water repellent feathers...graceful and beautiful even under pressure.  My theory is that if I keep trying...and keep hanging out with inspiring ducks...eventually I might become a little more like them...maybe when I'm 50...maybe I'll like snow then, too

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