Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Metronome App


There is now a metronome app on my phone!!

We have piano issues in my house and one of them is that we don't own a metronome.  Hard to believe, huh?  Three pianists, one violinist and no metronome.  Earlier this week, I received a text from June's piano teacher saying that she needed a metronome.  She offered to purchase one for us and add $30 to our May piano tuition...UGH!  I felt confident that I could find one for less than that.  
And choir practice on Sunday, I watched the director put his PHONE on the piano.  And started ticking...just like a METRONOME!!   (His even has a pendulum that moves back and forth like a real metronome, but I couldn't find one like that on my Droid.)  Coolest thing, ever!
But mine is amazingly cool even without the pendulum.  It has sound options, too: Electronic, Cowbell, Wooden, and Classic (that's the one I use).  AND I can set the time signature! 
And here's the best part...if I'm not sure of the exact bpm...I can just tap the space and it will figure it out for me!  Super Cool, huh!??

I'm becoming such a phone nerd...but what a great excuse to just hang out at the piano all morning!

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  1. You have, indeed, just sealed your fate as a true nerd! :)