Monday, April 11, 2011


I considered not posting anything today because even though it started great, the day has rapidly gone downhill.   But now that it's 10:30pm and the house is quiet, I can see that there were more great things than crappy things... Institute...always worth it, always amazing. singing my head off in the car this morning with the windows open because Dallas is absolutely gorgeous after a thunderstorm.  (D&M Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing) the Bee Gees Station on Pandora!  How does that thing KNOW that because I like the Bee Gees, I will also like Journey, Air Supply, The Alan Parsons Project, America, and Andy Gibb? (OK...that one might be obvious)  But's amazing and creepy all at the same time that it KNOWS what I like.  I listened to it for over an hour and the only song I skipped was Hall and Oates I Can't Go For That (I've never been a big H&O fan, but of all of their songs that I don't LOVE, that one is my least favorite, for sure.) cupcakes for dessert tonight because Spell Girl was having a crappy day, too.  
Because I Always Say:  A bad day cannot continue to exist when there are sprinkles involved!!  (well, even if I haven't ALWAYS said that, I'm gonna start saying it now because it's TRUE!) Spell Girl helping TCD with her homework...happily!

...and like the part where June and Mack cleaned the whole kitchen TOGETHER!

An afternoon of misunderstandings, bad news, and unruly children made me forget for a minute all those really good things that happened.  I'm grateful for a few minutes tonight to be still and remember all the STUFF I LOVED about today. 

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