Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Great Music

I couldn't have titled this post CMAs because I wouldn't say that I LOVE country music.  I love some country singers and a handful (ok, maybe a SCOOP-ful of country songs.)  But for the most part, I would never turn on a country radio station and just listen to it.

And I couldn't have called this AWARDS SHOWS because I don't LOVE those either.  If I could watch them on muted TiVo and fast forward through 90% and just see what everyone is wearing, that would be enough for me.

So I had to call it GREAT MUSIC...because that's TOTALLY what this was!  
I know I already have a post about MUSIC, but this absolutely required another one.  (And I'm reserving the right to have at least a couple more of them in the future...because you can always have more music posts!)   

I didn't actually watch ALL of the CMAs because there's always too much fluffy stuff for me...way too much talking.  But I did happen to catch this...
I only love a couple of Zac Brown songs, but he has a great voice...and did you notice who that is next to him???  It's JAMES TAYLOR!! who I do LOVE and who always sounds GREAT.  (I've listened to this 4 times already while I've been writing this post.)  The BEST part is about 2 1/2 minutes into it when Zac hits that high note...LOVE IT!  And the other BEST PART is about 4 minutes in when they transition to Sweet Baby James...just pure, awe-inspiring, amazing singing...loved it! 

And then today I found this...which is sort of a stark contrast to the other song...and which apparently we missed during the actual show...probably because it was sandwiched between all that fluffy talking.  

Until this moment, it's never occurred to me that I might like to BE Carrie Underwood.  How would it be to share a microphone with Steven Tyler??  How would it be to SING Walk This Way with Steven Tyler...in those boots with pink streaks in my hair!!!???  Unbelievable!!!

Maybe I should have called this post STEVEN TYLER...I can't think of a more delicious 63 year old man (...except maybe James Taylor)

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