Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pink Technology

These are my new favorite things...
 Originally I got them in preparation for the that I can hide out in my closet and plug them into my laptop and listen to downloaded scriptures.  Right now, with all the kids in school all day, I have the entire downstairs to myself in the mornings and I can turn on the CDs as loud as I want without interrupting anyone.  Unfortunately, I'm not going to have that luxury in the summer when everyone is home.  So I needed a plan.

BUT...guess what!  They're also great for listening to Conference Talks on, which is what I did this morning just to try them out.  No dishwasher noise, no washing machine, no lawnmower guys outside...just President Eyring right in my kitchen!! 

AND they're PINK!

AND...they're also great for listening to MUSIC on my laptop, which is what I did tonight.   They tune out everything!  I can now sit in the same room while my husband watches a TV show I don't love, and I can listen to really really loud MUSIC.  (I know...not exactly romantic togetherness, but sometimes I like being in the same room, but not necessarily doing the same thing.)

It's amazing how quickly time flies when I'm lost in great songs.  (Tonight I updated my blog playlist...Rascal Flatts  Here, Aerosmith Janie's Got a Gun, George Harrison While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Nickelback Far Away and Cold Play Fix You.)  I'll have to be careful not to do that too often.  It's one thing to be in the car with the music, because eventually you HAVE to pull into the garage, and eventually people come out there looking when you forget to come inside.  But in the HOUSE, with my JAMMIES on, and the LAPTOP fully charged...that's a totally different story.

So, while I haven't yet used them for their intended purpose, it is nice to know that they are multi-functional.   Hooray for technology!!      

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