Monday, January 24, 2011


Awhile ago, I read a book that made me think about the food I was eating and what it was doing to my body and my head...because at post-40, I really don't have the luxury of being careless about food anymore.   The book mostly professes a totally vegan diet which I felt was a little too drastic for me, but I thought the meat-free part of it was worth exploring.  So just before Thanksgiving, I decided to try it.   I gave up all red meat and poultry (except for that bite of turkey that I had in Hilton Head on Thanksgiving) and limited my animal intake to fish.  I totally haven't missed it at all.  I've become well acquainted with my local Whole Foods store, and it turns out that tons of fruits and veggies, organic snacks, and a few well planned protein substitutes are a satisfying alternative to the way I used to eat.    

Last week was officially Detox Week for me.  As blissful as it was to experience every eating opportunity imaginable in Hawaii, it definitely took it's toll.  I felt crappy after we got back.  Vacation eating cannot translate to everyday eating without some serious consequences.  

Here was my plan of attack last week...
  • WATER WATER WATER!!! (no more POG...sniff)  
  • no meat
  • more fruits and veggies
  • Green Tea and fruit for breakfast
It helped that I had some MAJOR dental work done on Tuesday and I couldn't feel my mouth for 36 hours!

Green Tea
I have always loved Green Tea.  There's something extremely comforting about having a warm drink in the morning...especially in January (although in some western states, the mornings are brisk enough to drink Green Tea year round).  My other favorite warm drink is hot chocolate with generous amounts of REAL whipped cream floating on top, but that's a little much for everyday.  Fortunately Green Tea comes in decaf, so I'm not walking around with that caffeine buzz that I used to get from that other drink I love which shall remain nameless.  (It's amazing how much difference I've noticed in my clarity of thought since giving up caffeinated drinks.  I'm still sad about that, but apparently it's necessary.)  

Here are the immediate benefits I've noticed... 
  • My clothes fit better (and it's not because I'm not starving myself.  I've tried that and it's effective, but not sustainable.  I eat A LOT of food.  I just eat mass quantities of GOOD STUFF now instead of crap.)
  • Good hair days.  Do you think that's possible??  Can the stuff I've been putting into my body really affect the way my hair looks?  If that's the case, I should've started this vegan thing YEARS ago, because my hair is shiny and thick and healthy looking lately, and that makes me exceedingly happy.
  • Control.  Being in control of my food (instead of the FOOD controlling me) has ALWAYS been an issue.  I feel totally in control lately.  It's nice to eat for fuel instead of eating to satisfy a craving, or an emotion. 
  • Clarity of Thought.  I mentioned this up there already, but what if it's an actual thing?  Like what if eating "cleaner" also helps you think more clearly?  It's a respectable desire, don't you think?
This week, I'm feeling adventurous and confident and I'm going to try the rest of the vegan plan in the book which means...
  • all of the above stuff, plus...
  • no dairy
  • no eggs
  • no white flour
  • no refined sugar
...think I can do it???  :)

green tea, mass quantities of honeydew melon, and a banana

whole wheat fusili pasta, tomatoes, pinto beans (because there are people who worry about the amount of protein I may or may not be getting), and fresh oregano with a little olive oil and s/p (salt and pepper)
OK maybe there was more than a little salt because I'm a salt-a-holic!

whole wheat tortillas with Earth Balance (that's vegan butter) and cinnamon sugar

Chipotle's Vegetarian Bowl with cilantro lime rice and tons of veggies!

This is a totally personal decision with totally personal benefits.  I'm not trying to save the planet or stop global warming or make a statement about animal rights.  But I feel better and I look better and if I save a few chickens and cows in the process, I'm ok with that...just don't tell my cattle rancher friends.  

And look how yummy everything was that I ate today!  I'm totally not feeling the slightest bit deprived.


  1. You can do it!! My Mom and Sister have been Vegan for a while now. Lots of yummy things to eat.

  2. Oh,oh, u gonna miss your Manapua!!! :)