Saturday, January 1, 2011

Tournament of Roses Parade

My parents LOVED parades.  I don't actually remember ever GOING TO a parade with them, but every televised one took priority in our house on holidays.  Their favorite, BY FAR, was the Tournament of Roses Parade.  In fact, I remember hearing them say every year how they would love to be in Pasadena for the parade some year.  It's funny how something like that sticks with you when it's impressed upon you early in life.  

These days I prefer LIVE parades to televised ones.  Some of my favorites are the 4th of July parade at Centennial Park in Atlanta, the Cruise In (which is more of a moving car show than a parade) in Logan, and the 24th of July Parade in Mendon.  There is nothing better than having a great road side seat to watch floats, bands, and horses parade in front of you (it doesn't hurt when they throw candy either!)  

But I'm watching the Rose Parade this morning, with fond memories of my parents, and thinking that I should add this to my Bucket List...

#4  Attend the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, CA

I'm always amazed at the floats...always!  How in the world they can cover something with flowers and seeds and make it look like a piece of art is a mystery to me.  But I am happy to admire the results of someone else's pain-staking, tedious effort.   
You know what!  I actually LOVE pain-staking tedium, too!  I might have to change my Bucket List wish to...#4 Volunteer to Work on a Rose Parade Float! (hmmm....)

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  1. Thanks to the Rose Parade, we were able to get on a ton of the rides at California Adventure with little or no wait at all. The park was no where near as busy as we expected! Glad you got to enjoy the parade on tv...but I heard it is amazing in person. Maybe here in the next few years you will get the chance to do that.