Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I had no idea yesterday when I planned today's post about jammies, that it would be one of those days when I would be DYING to get into them!  

Today was my first day "team teaching" D3's Activity Days group.  It turns out that 12 girls (ages 10-11) take slightly longer to do a project than I anticipated.  And it didn't help that I forgot the bag with all the scrapbook paper that I spent half the afternoon cutting for them.  UGH!  live and learn, right? time it'll be better.  I'll plan something more simple and I'll give them more time to do it.  And I think we need TREATS in the future! (although we wouldn't have had time for them today anyway

So now that it's 8pm and I'm thoroughly exhausted and still have one more place to drive...I'm thinking that it's never been a more appropriate time to gush about my jammies that I will be jumping into in exactly 45 minutes!

I don't usually indulge in ridiculously expensive things.  But this year for Christmas, I asked for a very specific pair of jammies from Victoria's Secret that happened to be WAY more expensive than my usual  Old Navy jammies.     
Old Navy Jammie Pants

I still love my flannel jammie pants and my over-sized TEXAS sweatshirt!  If I thought I could get away with it, I'd wear them all day long!  But this year, I thought it might be time to have a REAL pair of "grown up girl jammies" (I think they're actually called pajamas) know, some material other than flannel.  

So here's what I picked...
Keep in mind that I don't have blonde hair...I don't look like a sexy VS model...and I wear mine buttoned all the way from the top to the bottom...

BUT they are the most amazing jammies I have EVER owned.  They are definitely NOT flannel.  This fabric is called LUXE SATIN and it's seriously delicious.  It's the softest, most comfortable thing I've ever slept in.  I might have to ask for another set for my birthday! (do you think they make sheets out of LUXE SATIN???)

25 more minutes and I get to put them on!!!!!


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