Friday, January 7, 2011

Guitar Music

I LOVE when I stumble on something almost totally and completely by accident that happens to turn into something I LOVE.  
Instrumental music is unconventional for me.  I like it...but sometimes I forget.  And if given the choice, I would almost always pick a song with words.   But then there are these amazing instrumental songs that jump out of nowhere during the day and they make me stop and listen.   Apparently today is a guitar day...

I've been a Joe Satriani fan since college, but there were all those musically void years in between and I didn't remember until recently how much I loved this song.

I'm not a huge Mark Knopfler or Dire Straits fan, but I know people who have tried to convince me otherwise.  I love those people and today I love this, too...both songs, but especially Imagine (about 3 1/2 minutes in.)

and this one is my favorite...

Sometimes it's nice to just listen and not have my head cluttered up with the words of a song...

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