Monday, January 3, 2011

Teacher Mystery Bag

Today was my first day in my new calling as June's Primary teacher.  There are 6 amazing kids in my class.  I watched some of those other classes in Sharing Time and I'm pretty sure I got the best one.  (Whew!)  The Primary Presidency here is TOTALLY on the ball and they gave all of the new teachers binders complete with manuals, pictures, ideas for crowd control, an emergency evacuation plan, and a map to the classroom!  They also gave all of us a brown paper grocery sized bag with "Teacher Mystery Bag" and instructions written on it.  I had to fill the bag with STUFF I LOVED when I was the age of the kids in my class (which in my case is 10).  

Here's what I put in it...
1. Fuzzy the Bear
I got Fuzzy on a trip to Sea World when I was 8.  (He used to be completely white, instead of the well-loved, brownish white that he is now.)  After I got Fuzzy, he became my favorite stuffed friend.  I had A LOT of them, but he was the one (like Woody and Buzz) who I took with me everywhere and slept with every night.  My dad was in the hotel business then and traveled quite a bit, and occasionally my mom and I would go with him on his trips.  I brought Fuzzy on one of those trips.  We went downstairs to have breakfast one morning, and when we came back HE WAS GONE!  But my dad, (aka Hero of the Day) realized that I must have left him in the bed and that since he was white, the housekeepers must not have seen him when they changed the bedding.  So he went down to the laundry room (dressed in his suit) and a few minutes later came back carrying Fuzzy by the ear.  (instant relief and gratitude)

2.  Harry Cat's Pet Puppy by George Selden
I was an avid reader when I was 10.  I loved many many many books...and still do.  My favorites were Charlotte's Web, Where the Red Fern Grows, A Cricket in Times Square, and ALL the Ramona the Pest books.  But this was one that I read over and over again.   
(#5 on the Bucket List...Get Master's Degree in Library Science)

3.  Ramen Noodles
It must be a universal 10 yr old thing, because EVERY ONE of the kids in my class loves Ramen noodles, too.  (scary, huh?)

4.  Diary
I've always loved writing stuff.  I'm a word geek, remember?  I must have a million diaries/journals that I've started over the years.  Someday, I should consolidate all of those...Bucket List #6???

...and (insert drum roll here please...)
5.  Donny and Marie Album
Yep, I actually STILL have the original vinyl album (along with several others!)  And I included it in the bag because I spent ALL of 1980 playing the HECK out of this thing and singing my head off with D&M.  

May tomorrow be a perfect day
May you find love and laughter along the way
May God keep you 
In His tender care
Till He brings us together again...

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  1. Oh my gosh, I had a diary like that (with a key!) and I just loved it! Words are important to me, another one of our connections :)