Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My New Phone

Do you think I'll jinx it if I post about the phone of my dreams before I actually have it in my hand??  
I suppose there's a slight chance that I won't love it once I actually own it, but I seriously doubt it.  
(I mean, really...just look at it.  Totally sexy, don't you think?)
HTC Droid Incredible
I've been petitioning the cellphone decision maker in our home for an iPhone for months...once I realized that ALL OF MY FRIENDS have one! (ugh...I sound like my 8th grader)   But a phone is a NEED, not a want, right?  And how can I possibly magnify my calling as wife and mother without one of these???
(I know the picture up there isn't an iPhone...hang on...)

After weeks of persuasion, I finally managed to drag my husband into a Verizon store to look at phones and talk to the phone guy about the iPhone that is being released on February 10th.  
But guess what!  After much polling the audience, and asking questions, and Googling, it turns out that I actually liked the Droid better than the iPhone.  
And guess what again!  With our current plan, we qualified for a screaming deal on it, too.  

So instead of waiting until my birthday...I will have the phone of my dreams by the end of the week!
...access to WEATHER INFO at all times!
...room to hold ALL of my FAVORITE SONGS
...PANDORA when I get tired of my favorite songs (when does that ever happen??
...that Angry Birds app
...oh yeah, and unlimited calling and texting!
and I have no idea what else...but it's so beautiful, who cares?  Can you be in love with a cellphone?  I'll let you know when it gets here.  

Now I just need a cool case for it!



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  1. You will have to let me know how you like it...new phones for us in April :)

    Also I like the purple case just my 2 cents