Saturday, January 22, 2011


I decided to wear my black leggings today because it was freezing and they sounded warm.  
I typically wear these with black flats (like in the picture), but it was COLD I thought boots would be a better choice.  I have 3" brown leather boots and 4" black leather boots...neither of which would have been appropriate with leggings.  BUT then I remembered the downstairs extension of my closet my daughter's closet has a pair of brown fake Uggs which would look REALLY cute with leggings.
So I wandered down to her closet.  But then the flowery black top I had picked out didn't quite go with the boots, so I looked to see if anything in HER closet inspired me.  I happened to find one of MY dresses in there.  It's actually a bathing suit cover up, but when she borrows it, she wears it with a t-shirt and calls it a dress.  So guess what I did!  I put it on over my black long sleeved t-shirt and it was adorable with the leggings and the boots! 
...EXCEPT then it was a little too much black.  I looked a little bit like a nun with brown Uggs...not exactly the look I was going for.  I needed a scarf or a sweater or I fished around some more and guess what!  She happened to have a tan sweater that went perfectly with the outfit...and it was ANOTHER layer for warmth!
it's this same style, only think TAN instead of green...and think HAUNANI instead of that blonde girl
All I needed to do was go back up to MY closet and find some accessories.  Long gold necklace with brown beaded charm and gold earrings!  PERFECT!  I was thrilled to have put together a totally new and different outfit with clothes I already owned (well, WE already owned)  I wore it to run errands this afternoon and loved it because it was warm.  I don't know if it looked as good as I felt, but I liked it anyway.  And I knew my husband and I had plans for the night, so I planned to wear it to dinner and the movie later.  (Because the thing about leggings and boots is that they're comfortable AND fashionable...the perfect combination!)

Then I picked up my daughter from school...

Me:  How was school?
D:    Good...
        HEY!  What the heck...?  Did you raid my closet!?
(darn!  I was hoping she wouldn't notice)
Me:  Well, technically, no because this is MY dress!  I just found it when I was borrowing your boots.
D:    Well, it looks dumb with that sweater.  
I have been a teenager mom long enough to know what she actually meant was "darn, why didn't I think to put that together???"
And this whole experience will come back to haunt me because she's like an elephant.  In a month, she'll be the one helping herself to something in MY closet and she'll remind me that I OWE it to her because I borrowed HER always happens.

Later tonight, I drove her to her friend's birthday party and met both the friend AND the friend's mom for the first time, as well as a bunch of other girls.  After the party, I found out that when I left, they all said, "You look JUST like your mom!"  And she said, "That's because she's wearing ALL of MY clothes!!" 

One of the greatest benefits of having a teenage daughter is that we can share stuff!  Usually it's just shoes and jewelry, but today I was creative.  I definitely wasn't trying to be a teenager again, and I DEFINITELY didn't look like one, but it was fun to rummage around in my fashionista daughter's stuff.  

I consider it the greatest compliment when people think we look alike.  She's amazing and beautiful and I am grateful that I get to be her mom.      


  1. YOU'RE amazing a beautiful and SHE'S lucky to have you for her mom! Hey, how come no picture of Haunani in the cute-sounding outfit???

  2. :) I'm just now starting to think of all the daily happenings in my life as potential blog posts. I haven't quite made it to capturing all of them in pictures...soon, I'm sure.

  3. OK, 'cause I was disappointed to not get to see the outfit! I was totally thinking of you and this post when I was trying to pull something together to wear for our little dinner gathering last night - it had to be comfy (my own requirement), modest (older folks, very church-y), pretty (to please the husband for once!),sturdy (still had to roll out the egg noodles), and able to switch from the warm kitchen to our dining area which can be drafty when there's a strong wind, like last night. I needed your help, but you didn't appear in my closet! :)