Saturday, January 8, 2011


...some days are just crappy...  It has been such a crappy day that I considered not posting anything because I can't think of very many things that I've loved about today.  

Here are the crappy things that happened...
1.  The refrigerator all of a sudden stopped being cold.
2.  The microwave died.
3.  Spell Girl didn't even place in her UIL Spelling Competition.
4.  Mack's basketball team lost 40 - 0!!
5.  I was grumpy and rude all day.
6.  I'm pretty sure I've gained 50 pounds since Christmas.
7.  It's supposed to SNOW tomorrow...5 inches!!
8.  It's Day 28!! (ugh!)

I started this post at 5pm.  Now that it's 11pm, here are all the resolutions to the crappy things...
1.  The refrigerator repair guy said it was just the fan that needed to be replaced and not the whole refrigerator...which is good because I could not have fit "looking for a fridge" into today.
2.  The microwave is still dead, and totally has to be replaced, but if I had to pick a thing that's dead, I'd rather it be the microwave than the fridge.
3.  Spell Girl was just happy to have participated in the Spelling Competition and she's still a totally amazing speller.
4.  Mack didn't even notice the basketball score ONCE during the game.  AND he got TWO treats after the game, so it was a great day!
5.  I'm not as grumpy anymore (because everyone's asleep.)
6.  It's not 50's only 5 (I checked)...
7.  It was 60 degrees today and sunny. How much snow could really stick after that?? 
8.  ... unfortunately there is no bright side of Day 28...still ugh!

On days like this, I'm mostly grateful that there are tomorrows.


  1. HANG IN THERE! "Tomorrow is another day!" XOXOXOX

  2. It is so hard to look at the good side of things, impressed that you did!