Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Vitamin Water

OK here's my newest favorite treat... Keep in mind that nothing will ever take the place of Diet DP which is still my all time favorite indulgence EVER, but I'm trying to survive without it.  (insert moment of silence)

I love Costco because you can get mass quantities of STUFF for a better price than plain old retail.  So last week, they had a case of Vitamin Water Zero for $20.00, BUT with my in store coupon, I got another $4.00 off which made the case $16.00...that's 20 bottles for .80 each!  They usually retail for at least $1 each on a good day, so hooray for me already.  

Not only was I happily addicted to Diet DP in my former life, but specifically Diet DP from SONIC during Happy Hour with EXTRA ICE.  

So here's how I turn Vitamin Water into something almost as satisfying as my old drug "dessert in a medium styrofoam cup"...

Every night I put one 20 oz bottle in my freezer.  

The next morning, I move the frozen bottle to the refrigerator to let it thaw S L O W L Y.

After dinner, after the kids go to bed, after the dishes are done, and after my jammies are on (that's tomorrow's post, btw) I bring the slushy yummy-ness upstairs and thoroughly enjoy my 100 calorie dessert.   

There are no bubbles and no caffeine, and there really is no substitute for that Diet DP taste, but this is at least a low calorie, fairly healthy option when I'm sick of drinking plain old water, and not quite ready to fall off any wagons.     

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