Monday, January 7, 2013


There are still children asleep in their beds this morning.  They don't go back to school until tomorrow.  We've had an exceptionally long break this year, and I woke up today thinking, "One more day..."  And then I thought, "One more day until what?"  

I have this ridiculous habit of waiting until all the conditions are absolutely perfect and the temperature is just right and I have the perfect shoes and the perfect hair to LAUNCH anything, even the smallest things.  I read a quote the other day on that new blog I love 
"Perfectionism is a dream killer, because it’s just fear disguised as trying to do your best. It just is."  
Yep...that's me...constantly waiting, constantly perfecting, constantly worried that it's still not good enough, and then eventually talking myself out of whatever it was that I was going to do.  When I had the inspiration a few days ago to make the word LAUNCH my one word for 2013, I also had a vision that went with it.  It was a vision of me wading in the shallow end of the water, watching all the big stuff happen out in the ocean.  I'm tired of wading in that shallow water.  I'm tired of waiting until the wind is just right and I have the perfect boat to LAUNCH into that deeper water.  I don't know if the stuff in that deeper water is scary or hard or bigger than anything I've tried to do before, but I'm kind of ready to find out.  Maybe it's awesome out there!

And January 7th seems like a good day to find out, don't you think?  It's the perfect day.  It's not the 1st, but it's still the beginning.  It's far enough into the year that the pressure is off, but the excitement is still lingering.  It's a good day to stop trying to be perfect and at least take a little step into that deeper water.

I love January 7th.  I'm so grateful that amazing things happen on days like today.  I love that there are endless possibilities and that I've gotten up early enough to catch a few of them, even though no one has to go to school today.  I think I'll start with a cranberry smoothie, a walk and some amazing music...


  1. I'm so happy to be here going through's been too long and I'm finally catching up! First, I LOVE your new makes me want to change mine again :) Love it! Second, thank you for the Liebster award - how very nice! And third, how in the world have you never cleaned a toilet? I stand all amazed!! Great space here, great thoughts and thanks for the mastin love blog -what a cool concept. Happy new year!!!

    1. I'm so sorry, I can't divulge my toilet avoidance secrets because then people will find out and I may have to clean one. But thanks for being amazed! :)