Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dallas Wind Symphony

It's not often that the Scout Master and I are able to go on a date in the middle of the week, especially one that is culturally enlightening and musical.  (Well, we did go see Les Mis last weekend, but that was different because there was popcorn involved.)  

A few months ago when we watched our dear friends' dog, they repaid us by giving us a set of their season tickets to the Dallas Symphony.  (We would have totally watched that dog for free.  She was SO easy.  And SO cute!)  We marked the date on both of our calendars and looked forward to doing something a little out of the ordinary for us.

We were surprised to find out that not only did we get to listen to the Dallas Wind Symphony, but we also got to hear the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra.  Both were amazing.  Both directors were lively and entertaining and took time to introduce each piece.  Their enthusiasm about each of the pieces and the performers made the whole concert so much more enjoyable.  My favorite was Intrada 1631.  I'm such a percussion junkie, I couldn't take my eyes off the xylophones and the timpani sections...until I realized that there was an organist, too.  When she turned around and bowed from her perch above the orchestra in her little organ loft, I secretly wished I were a better organist.  We had front row, center seats on the upper balcony so we could see everything perfectly without any distractions.   

And look at this gorgeous place...

So often, I think that I would rather just stay at home in my jammies and do what I'm comfortable doing.  But I find that whenever I allow myself to give in to opportunities for adventure, I am always happily surprised.  This was one of those happy surprises.  I'm so grateful to our thoughtful friends for sharing a little culture with us.  

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