Friday, January 25, 2013

High Five for Friday

What we celebrated this week...
Spell Girl is FIRST CHAIR in Orchestra...again.  I don't think she realizes how perfectly compatible she and Gladys actually are (that's what we have lovingly named her bass.)  She plays so beautifully and has such a natural talent for this instrument.  I'm so proud of her for working hard to make this look so easy.  

What amazed me this week...
I am amazed by June's confidence and fearlessness.  This week as we were carpooling from the middle school, one of her sisters was lamenting some interaction with a boy during the day.  She wondered whether she should have waved or not waved, if she should have texted or not texted.  And from the backseat, without any hesitation, June said, "That's the problem with you and (the other sister,) you both make everything so complicated.  If you see someone you know, then wave.  If you have something to say, then text.  It's not that hard."  That's the way she lives her life.  And while there's a fine line between securely confident  and recklessly impulsive, I think she's got this whole middle school socializing thing down.  I love to watch the way she floats through life expecting doors to open and people to love her. It's truly amazing!

What was fun this week...

Orchestra/Choir/Band Ice Skating Party.  Spell Girl was at this one, too, but I couldn't catch her long enough to get a picture.  And that goofy guy on the left is June's choir director.  He fits in very well with all those middle schoolers.  :)

What I'm grateful for this week...
People who listen when I talk.  People who text me first.  People who love me.  People who think I'm amazing even when I have a crappy day.  

Song of the Week...
The Age of Miracles (by MCC) because isn't it amazing how many there are?


  1. These girls of yours are simply beautiful. Enjoy every minute of it. Youth will all be gone way too soon! So impressed with your daughter's musical abilities! Have a terrific weekend!:)

    1. Thank you so much! We're pretty impressed with those girls, too. :) Hope your weekend is great. Thanks for always dropping by on Fridays.