Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Beginnings

Tonight, the YW held their New Beginnings program.  We do this annually to kick off the theme for the new year as well as to recognize the upcoming 12 year old girls who will be coming into to the youth program.  I LOVE this night.  
these are the five adorable girls turning 12 this year
A few months ago, the YW President asked me to help the girls learn a song to go with the 2013 theme Stand in Holy Places.  As always, Jenny Phillips has written and recorded an incredible CD to remind the girls of the theme throughout the year.  I had purchased the CD way back in September so that I could learn the music in advance just in case there might be an occasion to play or sing any of it.  And...poof! occasion presented itself.  (That happens a lot lately.)  The YW Pres asked Flowering Buttercup to sing the solo part in this song, which is 3/4 of it! and then to have the rest of the YW come in for the final chorus.  I have had this music playing in the van since the beginning of the school year, but no one who rides with me has really paid much attention.  And since being asked to sing, Flowering Buttercup really hasn't been available to practice it much.  Tuesday night was the first time our schedules collided and the piano and voice actually met.  So...I played the intro and crossed my fingers that she would be able to sight read through it, and that we would be compatible.  And guess you really have to guess??  It sounded absolutely beautiful.  Of course it did.  Fortunately my girls got their father's genes in the "musically confident" department.  I was totally in awe last night as I listened to her effortlessly sing that song.  The accompaniment is not the slightest bit helpful, so she really had to carry the thing by herself.  And I was so caught up in listening to her that I might have missed a few notes.  (Good thing we practiced it at least once before going live with it tonight, huh?)

The theme was "Wear the Right Shoe" and each of the YW Presidency spoke for a few minutes about standing in holy places, being who Heavenly Father wants you to be, the joys of young womanhood and the upcoming fun things these new 12 year olds have to look forward to.  

I am so grateful to have three daughters in this amazing program.  I'm so grateful to always get to be in their space (even if it is just behind the piano.) And I'm so grateful for a beautiful, spirit-filled evening that each of these girls will remember.

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