Thursday, January 17, 2013

Throwback Thursday

While I was happily snuggled in my nest on the couch the other day with the heater cranked up to 75 degrees, I thought about January in Utah.  We don't have quite as many pictures of that month as we do of all the others, probably because I have an aversion to cold weather and the snow fun almost always happened without this family photographer.  But I did manage to find a few moments from past snow days.  

We had a permanent snowman in our yard from the time the first snow fell until sometime in May.

Mack was always my biggest snow fan.  I could NOT get him inside, even when his little cheeks and fingers were beyond frozen.

People planned such great snow activities for us in Utah.  We weren't exactly equipped to play in the snow, but everyone was happy to teach the girls the finer arts of sledding.  I'm pretty sure there's a smile under all that snow covered hair.

This is quite possibly the only picture of Flowering Buttercup in the snow.  She didn't love it either.
That is pure joy on Mack's little face.  See, even when he was tiny he loved that stuff.
This was Mack's second favorite thing to do in the snow.  Whenever I could hear the snow blower, I knew he would be right behind it.  Back and forth, back and forth for as long as it took to clear a path.

There is not one day that I long for snow around here.  I love that Dallas days are almost always sunny and that if we do get snow, it never piles up for very long.  But there is nothing more beautiful than waking up to trees that have been flocked with tiny icicles the night before.  I rarely actually walked out into the snow, and for sure never played in it, but I LOVED looking at all the snow covered things from inside my warm house.  :)

I'm grateful for all the happy, snowy memories that my kids have.  I'm grateful that they have an appreciation for this stuff that I never quite acquired.  And I'm so grateful for the opportunity to experience warmer climates now.

I hope you are somewhere warm and happy this Thursday...or snowy and happy!

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