Wednesday, January 16, 2013


This week hasn't felt very "LAUNCH-y."  I haven't wanted to do much of anything outside those safe things that I know I'm good my house, driving my kids around, making a mean lunch, and clearing out my TiVo.  I've been seriously pathetic since that little setback on Sunday.  

But thankfully, we get a new day and a new start every 24 hours.  I've had my time on the couch and my time to wallow in self-doubt, and now it's a sunny, new day, and a great time to get up and LAUNCH something different.  This is what I saw when I woke up this morning...

How is it that I've looked at the Scout Master's bookshelf for months and never noticed that he has a book called LAUNCH?  It's a business-based book, not a spiritual-based book, so I probably won't be reading it, but I did think it was a pretty clear message to stick with the plan for 2013 and LAUNCH something today.  

So, I practiced the song I've been dreading.  

I wrote a blog post.  

I spread some bloggy love in places I haven't before.  

I opened my mouth and said something scary.  

I sent a text of encouragement.  

And I'm starting a photography class at the community college on Saturday morning.  It's not quite the road to the Masters, but it's a classroom and it's WAY out of my comfort zone, and I'm seriously scared to death to even go.  But I'm going anyway.  (more on that later, hopefully.)

Oh, and now that I've done absolutely every possible other thing that I can think of this morning, I'm going to stop procrastinating and work on the book.  
"This is the year to give up procrastination and excuses.  This is the year to begin what you have been dreaming about.  You can make the best, most elaborate plans, but the hardest step to any goal is simply the first.  If you take the first step, the last step will take care of itself.  There aren't thousands of steps in the fulfillment of your goals, there's just ONE."   Kute Blackson
I'm so grateful for opportunities to connect and encourage.  I'm grateful for other people who are making huge strides to move forward in their lives, and by doing so, inspire the rest of us to do the same.  And I'm grateful for the hope and motivation of a new day.  


  1. I love your one word! I think this will be a very exciting year as we focus on one thought, and I will be looking forward to see how your year and launch progresses! And looking forward to hearing more about your class - go you!!

  2. I have been doing the same thing this week, stuck to the couch, no energy, no motivation, thanks for your thoughts, it is just what I needed! I need a one word too, not sure what, but I will think about it.