Thursday, January 12, 2012

Week 2

I'm sore REALLY sore.   I can feel every single muscle from my feet all the way up to my hips, even when I'm sitting down!  But it's a good sore...the result of choosing to stick with the plan yesterday.  It rained here Monday and Tuesday and since I'm kind of a baby about the weather, there was no outside exercise happening on those two days.  So yesterday I was anxious to get going again.  

I'm on Week 2 headed for that 5K in March which means running for a specific length of time now...not just bridges.  It's hard not to just keep running, but I'm pacing myself.  I'm sticking to the schedule.  I downloaded a new app on my phone that tracks my running/walking intervals.  It has a GPS that keeps track of my pace and my route.  And it doesn't interrupt my music.  Perfect!

Here's the schedule for the week...

Warm Up (brisk walk)............5 minutes

Run (slow)..............................1 minute
Walk (moderate pace)..........90 seconds
alternate each 8 times

Cool Down (brisk walk).........5 minutes

Yesterday, I added an additional 15 minutes of walking at the end because my workout stopped before I got back to my car.  I did 2.86 miles in 45 minutes at about a 16 min/mi pace.  It's not speedy, but I ran for 8 whole minutes of that!   Yay me!  

I only get to do that 3 times a week.  The other 3 days are OFF days and I do something other than running...anything other than running.  Walking, weights, Just Dance 3, whatever...

Today is an OFF day so I'm planning to just walk with a friend.  Probably a longer route and probably for at least an hour...if the temperature ever gets above 40.  It is still 30 degrees here and I'm wrapped up in a blanket in the living room...waiting...

But I'm looking forward to running again tomorrow and Saturday and to becoming much more well acquainted with those muscles that I've neglected for such a long time.  

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