Tuesday, January 31, 2012

House Cleaning

BEWARE:  This post is evidence that I am a complete freak...in case you didn't already know that.

A few months ago, I saw a Groupon for 3 hours of housecleaning services for $30.  I purchased it with the intent of saving it for sometime in the future when I might need an extra set of hands to get ready for some major event.  I forgot to call in September before Mack's baptism.  And the parties we had over the holidays were way too spontaneous.  I knew any housecleaning service was probably going to be booked solid in December, so I didn't bother to call them then.  Earlier this month, when we knew the Grs were coming for a visit, I thought I would play my housekeeper card.  Unfortunately, you have to call at least a month in advance with these people because they maintain a pretty tightly packed schedule.  They weren't available anytime BEFORE the Grs came, but they did have some time on January 31st.  I don't foresee any major events happening in our home before April 1 when my Groupon expires, so I decided to go ahead and just schedule it for today.

I have NEVER had anyone come to my home to clean it.  I've always sort of felt like that was a luxury I just couldn't really justify, especially when I don't work.  And I don't really mind cleaning.  My house is usually pretty tidy except for the high traffic areas where those four little tornadoes spend most of their time.  
My strengths are surfaces, and organizing, though.  The counters and mirrors are almost always clean.  There's not a lot of clutter around.   If you opened any of my drawers or cabinets on any given day, you would find neat rows and stacks of things.  I always know where stuff is in my house and I rarely just throw things into a drawer.  Even the refrigerator is purged and cleaned on a fairly regular basis.   BUT...my weakness is DEEP CLEANING.  I can't stand to clean bathrooms, especially toilets.  And I'm not very good at cleaning the corners or behind the furniture.  My floors are regularly swept and vacuumed, but I can't remember the last time I cleaned the baseboards or the blinds.  The furniture is always dusted, but the ceiling fans and light fixtures have a layer of something that I never seem to get around to.  

So, my whole purpose for this cleaning experience is to have someone professionally DEEP clean the floors, the bathrooms, and the corners.  But, here's the part where I'm a freak...

I have spent the entire morning "prepping" my house for them to come and clean it.  I've straightened my room and the kids' rooms.  I've put away all the remains of breakfast, run the dishwasher, and unloaded it.  I changed the sheets on Mack's bed and put away all of his legos.  I've folded blankets and fluffed pillows.  And now that it's 11:00, and I still have 2 hours before they get here to CLEAN my house, I'm wondering what the heck I'm doing??  Why do I feel like I need to impress them?  I don't even know them!  It's not like I'm going to win any special prize if they come into my house and don't have anything to do!  I'm sure they've seen messy houses before.  And I'm pretty sure my house even on a messy day wouldn't be the messiest thing they've ever seen.  And if I have them for three whole hours, what are they going to do if I've already cleaned the whole house for them??  See...total freak!
But, the good thing is, that by 5pm today, after they leave, between my efforts and theirs, my house will be totally clean...even in the corners.  I'm not going to walk down the stairs tonight and see dust bunnies.  My kitchen floor won't have mysterious sticky places.  And the toilets and showers will look like they did when we moved in.  That's worth $30 and a little bit of neurotic behavior, right?  (I may just have to hit the DELETE button the next time that housecleaning offer comes up on Groupon.)

5pm Update:  Holy cow!  My house is GORGEOUS!!  Seriously!  You could EAT off the bathroom floors.  In fact, we might just DO THAT tonight!  Remember how I said I didn't think I would do this again?  Um...I might have changed my mind.  I could have these girls come EVERY month...just to do the hard stuff.  Just so that every now and then the house looks sparkly.  Hmmm...how can I work that into my grocery budget??   

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