Saturday, January 7, 2012

Guitar Music

Several months ago, sometime over the summer when the Scout Master was on one of his trips, I was up too late, aimlessly flipping channels on the TV, and one of those PBS fundraiser shows caught my attention.  Do you know who it was?  (I'm such a total nerd to even admit this!)  It was Emmy Lou Harris and Chet Atkins, from some show they did together in the 80s.  I stopped to listen because I kind of like them, but I was totally hooked when I saw the band in the background...Michael McDonald playing keyboards, the Everly Brothers singing back up, and Mark Knopfler playing guitar.  (seriously???)  Um, I was totally captivated after that.  What a powerhouse stage.  I would love to have been at that concert.  Where was I in 1987?? (not the slightest bit interested in Chet Atkins, that's for sure!)

There's something about guitar music that draws me from other rooms and makes me stop and listen.  I love it when the camera comes in close and you can see their fingers.   I'm absolutely in awe of that amazing ability.  (Except I'd way rather see a close up of Mark Knopfler's fingers than Chet Atkins' because his fingernails are way too long for me...that's probably some kind of sacrifice for his art, but ew...)  

I loved Waltz for the Lonely.

and totally loved Why Worry

But my favorite song was this one...
Totally cried through the whole thing.  His voice is as incredible as his guitar playing.  This might be my new favorite song.  

Oh, and by the way, the DVD is called Chet Atkins: Certified Guitar Player, and it's AMAZING...did I say that already?  I LOVED it!!   Not sure why I was thinking about it today.  It just crossed my path again for some reason, so I had to look up all the songs on youtube.  Nice way to spend the morning...

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