Sunday, January 15, 2012


Have you been invited to this website yet?  

I resisted for a LONG time before I finally gave in, especially when I found out that you have to have a Facebook account to have a Pinterest account.  I don't have a FB least not one that's I just decided Pinterest wasn't going to happen.  And then sometime in November, I thought I needed to revisit my Pinterest options.  I emailed my friend who has a Pinterest account and asked her to invite me, and then I found a way to reactivate my FB account for the 90 seconds it took to set up a Pinterest account, and then delete it immediately afterward.  

Here's why I LOVE this website:


It's a virtual "pinboard" or bulletin board!  And I just happen to LOVE bulletin boards...virtual or really doesn't matter.  When I first set up my account, Pinterest gave me options for "suggested pinboards" which I used for about a day until I realized I could change the board names, add more boards, rearrange the order on my profile, and virtually "pin" an endless number of ideas from unlimited websites and blogs.  It's like being able to flip through a million online magazines and rip out as many pages and pictures and articles as I ever wanted to.  And the only space it takes up is on the screen of my laptop.  I have online "boards" for recipes I want to try, shoes I love, quotes I want to remember, books I've read, and music I love to listen to.   I've planned almost all of my YW New Beginnings program without writing down a single thing.  I have a wealth of health and fitness pictures and quotes to remind me on the days that I hurt, that I really DO want to keep running.  And I have tons of friends whose daily Pinterest footprints remind me how much I love them and that we are still connected even though I'm not chatting with them or checking their status updates everyday.  

The only problem I can find with this amazing website is that it's totally addictive!  I can't seem to make myself go to bed anymore.  There's always one more interesting something to search for, one more addition to make to my vision boards...and then all of a sudden it's three hours later and I'm still "pinning."



  1. I don't have a Facebook account either and I am pretty sure I was able to sign up without one. I can't remember how I did it... but I know I didn't do it through Facebook. Its so fun to see you on Pinterest! Love looking at all the inspiring ideas! :)

  2. I seriously have a case of "pinsomnia" too! I love it!