Monday, January 23, 2012

Ft. Worth Stockyards

We decided to be adventurous with the Grs in town this week and spend the day in Ft. Worth.
We had so much fun exploring all the little shops and talking to the super cute cowboys who apparently just ride up and down the street all day helping people in distress (except for 11:30 and 4:00 when they're rounding up longhorns for the cattle drive.)

The cattle drive down Main Street was my favorite part...way too short, though.  
 I totally have a thing for Longhorns...this guy was my favorite! 

 After the stampede, I followed the cows so I could spend some quality time with a few of them.

We had lunch at a BBQ restaurant, which seems inherently wrong after bonding with all those cute longhorns, but there weren't many other options. 

I DID NOT eat the "house special" calf fries...

 Do you KNOW what those ARE??  I'm not going to tell you because I can't even write it, it's so'll just have to Google it.  But ew...really?  EW!  Definitely didn't eat those.

I loved the fried pickles, though.

We spent a couple more hours walking around and then ended at the Tattoo Ranch so my mother-in-law could get something permanent to take home... 

Just joking...she didn't actually GET a tattoo, but when we picked her up, we all thought it was such a funny place that she had chosen to stop and wait for us.  
(And the truck parked in front of her was pretty awesome, too.)

We had a great time in Ft. Worth and look forward to going back again very soon to visit those longhorns.

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