Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer Goals 2013

Well, I thought the day before the last day of school might be a good time to have a plan for the upcoming summer vacation.  I've been SO reluctant to embrace summer this year, and I have no idea why!  But making this poster has totally helped get me into the SUMMER SPIRIT.

Craig organized a FHE lesson on Sunday night about goal setting and talked to the kids about the exciting opportunity it will be to have a mostly schedule free summer and that we really should make some goals for that time.  We do this every year.  We're kind of a goal setting family.  See summer goal posts here and here for past ideas.  

Craig told a story about eating a frog.  (some business motivational thing about not procrastinating...???)  And then he had the kids all make their own Summer Bucket Lists.  They had some great ideas.  

I took all those lists and compiled them into a poster that we could all look at for the next three months to be reminded of what we want to accomplish this summer.  Because lists are great, but bright colored, fun, poster-sized lists are so much BETTER!
 And I hung it in the highest traffic area of our house so no one would miss it.

I hope you have great summer plans and that you've hung your bucket list in a place where everyone will see it!  Happy Summer!!

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