Thursday, June 6, 2013


I am so amazed by this girl.  12 has been a good year for her.  I'm a little sad to see it go.  BUT! If the upcoming year is anything like the last one, I will love that just as much...maybe more!  

Here are some of Emma's super powers...

1.  She is a friend to everyone.  
2.  She is quick to help.
3.  She is organized.
4.  She is outgoing, daring and adventurous.
5.  She is confident.
6.  She tries EVERYTHING without doubt or fear.
7.  She is a loyal friend.  
8.  She is artistic and crafty.
9.  She is thoughtful.
10.  She is creative.
11.  She is steadfast and immovable.
12.  She is content to hang out by herself once in awhile.
13.  She is positive, energetic and excited about life...always!

I don't remember when she moved from stuffed animals to hair products.  Or when she stopped playing dress up.  Or when her best friend was no longer Barney.
But as much as it breaks my heart a little to look through all those pictures and know that those days are long gone, it's also so exciting to think about the years ahead.  She is doing such an amazing job of watching the things her sisters before her have experienced, and learning from them, and then carving out a place in the community, in our church, and in our family that is uniquely hers.  

Their faces are all so similar and they are all so close in age, that Emma is mistaken for Savannah and Megan on a regular basis, but she is definitely her own person.

I am so proud of her for all that she tries to do and for the amazing young woman she is becoming.  Thirteen is going to be another incredible year.  

Happy Birthday, Emma Lou...

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  1. Hello there! I am visiting from Stephanie's and am so happy to meet you! My Peyton just turned 13 last week... teenager daughters are so much fun! : ) Have a nice evening... : )