Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Little Friends

We have a super cute family in our ward that is moving to Houston this weekend.  Savannah has been their primary babysitter for over a year and she LOVES these kids.  And it's totally mutual.  Every Sunday at church, they run up to her and hug her like she's part of their family.

Today we had them over to our house for one last adventure before they leave for their new home.  We picked them up at 9:00, had pancakes for breakfast, and then they played with McKay for awhile before everyone decided that they should head over to the pool.  Savannah brought lunch to the pool after she got home from work, and they played for a few more hours.  

This afternoon, we all curled up on the couch (with Sonic slushies) to recover from all that playing in the sun!

All three of my girls were the BEST babysitters today!  They volunteered happily to entertain these cute kids and give them one last super fun day with the Thunells before they leave for their new home.  I was so proud of them and thrilled to be their mom.  It's nice to see your children nurturing and caring for other little people.  
Little fingers and toes were painted.
Games were played. 
Forts were built.  
Friendships were solidified.
We are SO going to miss these sweet kids.  But we're happy that they have new adventures and new babysitters/big sisters waiting for them in Houston.  And we're so glad to have known them for a little while here in Allen.  :)


  1. What wonderful daughters you have indeed...and you know the saying, "Children learn what they live..." I am quite sure I know just where they acquired their caring hearts and awesome babysitting skills! : )

    P.S. Sunny mornings outside and cozy afternoons inside is the way we roll around here too!

    1. You're so sweet! I always hope that they pick up the good things they see at home and not all the "other" stuff. :)