Monday, June 10, 2013

First Day of Summer

This was not quite what I was expecting the first official day of summer to look like.  The girls are leaving for Girls Camp tomorrow morning, so we spent much of the day getting prepared for that.  

Instead of lounging in bed and finishing the book I've been devouring over the weekend, I was up and off to Wal-Mart by 7:45am frantically picking up last minute things (like travel toothbrushes, basketball shorts, and lake shoes) because the Camp List didn't appear on the kitchen counter until Saturday night.  With three girls in this house ALL going to Camp, you'd think ONE of them would have thought to give the packing list to me before Saturday night.  

By 9:00am, the house was bustling with girls claiming their favorite bed rolls, sleeping bags, and flashlights.

At 10:00am, my friend who is in charge of food for all the girls, brought over about 26 boxes of breakfast sandwiches for Saturday's breakfast at Camp.  There isn't enough room in the freezers in the Camp dining hall to store all the food they'll need for the whole week, so I volunteered to hold these in my freezer (and my neighbor's) for a few days and bring them when I come up on Thursday afternoon.

At 11:00am, after all the girls' plastic totes were packed, I enlisted their help in unwrapping all those breakfast sandwiches and rewrapping them in aluminum foil.  There isn't enough microwave space/power to reheat breakfast sandwiches in a timely manner for 300 people, so they needed to be re-wrapped for safe reheating in the ovens.  We had an AWESOME assembly line set up in the kitchen.  Emma unwrapped, I re-wrapped, Savannah designated BACON or SAUSAGE on each sandwich, and Megan re-boxed the sandwiches and put the boxes in the freezer.  We finished in about 45 minutes.  I'm so glad I thought to do that with all of them still at home.  It would have taken me HOURS to do all that work by myself.  And they wouldn't have been quite as creative as Savannah made them.  She really wanted to draw Canadian flags on all the Bacon ones, but it was taking too long.

At 12:00pm, Craig and I drove the girls' stuff over to the Camp Leader's house to be loaded onto the trailer for tomorrow's drive.  (We would have brought the girls with us, but with all their stuff packed into the Jeep, they wouldn't fit.)

Craig and I snuck out for a quick lunch after a few errands and then came home so that I could take Savannah out to get a few things for the little group she's in charge of.  She is a YCL this year (Youth Camp Leader) so that means she has a group of about 10 12-year-old girls that she will be singing songs with, going on hikes with, and eating all of her meals with.  We had to have a little talk over the weekend about having a good attitude and making Camp a great experience for them even though this is her 6th year!  (Holy cow!)  By Monday morning, she had already planned her devotionals and thought of cute little giveaways for the girls.  It's nice to see her using her creative leadership super power.

By 4:30pm, I was finally back at home with that book I had been longing for all day.  

At 6:00pm, Craig took McKay and his friends to D-Bat (that's an indoor batting cage near our house that they've recently discovered.)

And at 8:45pm, Craig and I were off to choir practice.  It ran so long tonight, which was totally my fault because we sounded really good and I just wanted to keep singing.

At 11:00pm, we were home, and Craig had to pack for a trip to North Carolina.  (I don't know how he keeps up that pace.)  

Wait...I'm pretty sure we had dinner sometime tonight...I think...

Hopefully, things will slow down a little after all these camps...

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